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The Skin Benefits of Niacinamide

Revered for its antibacterial and brightening properties, niacinamide is a potent skincare ingredient that benefits all skin types by helping to strengthen the skin barrier, control sebum production, and even and refine tone. Read on to discover the skin benefits of niacinamide, how to use niacinamide, and meet the best skincare to use. 

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What Is Niacinamide? 

Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3, a group of vitamins that are renowned for their soothing and healing properties. It’s a water-soluble vitamin that works with the natural substances in skin to help minimize enlarged pores, even skin tone, soften fine lines and wrinkles, diminish dullness, and strengthen the skin barrier. 

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What Does Niacinamide Do For Skin? 

Suitable for all skin types, niacinamide is a ‘cell-communicating’ ingredient that encourages skin cells to make newer, fresher, and healthier cells that support more youthful looking skin.

It offers a true multitude of benefits, from helping to reduce the signs of ageing to maintaining hydration.

Regulating Sebum Production 

Niacinamide is rich in antibacterial properties, helping to regulate oil secretion, improve congestion, lessen blackheads and soothe blemishes, making it beneficial for oily and combination skin. 

Strengthen Skin Barrier

Niacinamide helps to strengthen the skin barrier, offering protection from sun damage and other environmental aggressors we are exposed to on a daily basis and can reduce epidermal loss due to its antioxidant properties.

The more strong and robust the skin’s barrier is, the better and healthier skin will look and feel.

Keeping Skin Moisturized 

If the skin’s barrier is damaged, it can cause collagen and elastin to break down, meaning the skin will struggle to stay hydrated.

By strengthening the skin barrier, niacinamide prevents trans-epidermal water loss, helping to keep skin

Is Niacinamide In Skincare For Everyone? 

As it is suitable for all skin types, niacinamide can be beneficial to all who include it in their skincare routine. The trick is to find the best formula for your skin type.

For oily skin, we recommend looking for a water-based product to help rebalance and control pore clogging. For more dry skin, look out for a moisturizer or hydrating toner that contains a smaller amount of niacinamide.

Can Niacinamide Cause Spots? 

Niacinamide is anti-inflammatory and soothing, so shouldn’t contribute to spots or pimples. However, with acne, skin is much more sensitive, so it is best to stop using the niacinamide product you have which might cause a reaction.

How To Use Niacinamide 

Niacinamide isn’t synthesized in the body, meaning it needs to be applied topically for skin to enjoy its benefits.  For best results, opt for formulas that are left on the skin, like toners, serums, and moisturizers.

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The Best Niacinamide Skincare 

Omorovicza Silver Skin Tonic 

A daily solution to tackle blemishes and breakouts while soothing and healing the skin, the Omorovicza Silver Skin Tonic blends niacinamide with colloidal silver and salicylic acid to brighten, even and refine skin tone, and help control sebum production. It’s particularly beneficial for oily and combination skin. 

After cleansing, apply directly onto a cotton pad and sweep over the face and neck. Allow a few minutes to absorb, then follow with a serum and moisturizer. 

Omorovicza Silver Skin Lotion 

A lightweight and oil-free moisturizer, the Silver Skin Lotion combines niacinamide with colloidal silver, zinc and hyaluronic acid to reduce skin imperfections and blemishes, protect against free radical damage, and keep skin hydrated. 

After cleansing and toning, massage evenly onto the face and neck to leave skin hydrated, mattified and shine-free. 

Omorovicza Silver Skin Saviour 

The perfect treatment for problem skin, this face mask pairs niacinamide with colloidal silver, salicylic acid and glycolic acid to help unclog pores and reduce the appearance of blemishes and breakouts.  

Apply a generous amount to the face and neck, leave for 5 to 15 minutes, then remove with a warm, damp face cloth to reveal clearer, smoother and healthier-looking skin. 

Omorovicza Daily Vitamin C Serum 

Powered by vitamin C and niacinamide, this daily serum helps to brighten skin, improve elasticity, and protect against free radical damage, while stimulating the production of collagen for a more youthful-looking complexion. 

Apply after cleansing and toning onto the face and neck. 

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