Our therapists are often asked about how to manage dry skin. While a monthly facial treatment can improve hydration levels, following a targeted skincare routine for dry skin at home is the easiest way to calm and soothe uncomfortable dryness.  

Keep reading to discover the key steps to achieving supple, radiant and hydrated-looking skin. 

A Skincare Ritual For Dry Skin

What Does Dry Skin Look Like? 

Skin that feels tight, rough and is prone to flakiness falls into the dry skin category. Those with dry skin produce less sebum, the natural oil responsible for keeping skin hydrated.  

As well as feeling dry, dry skin often looks red, feels itchy and can even crack in extreme cases.  

What Causes Dry Skin? 

There are a number of factors that can cause dry skin, including cold temperatures and low humidity. These cause the blood vessels to narrow, lowering the production of sebum and drying out the skin’s lipid barrier. 

Ageing can also reduce sebaceous gland secretion, resulting in tight-feeling, dry skin.

Skincare Routine for Dry Skin 

Follow this simple skincare routine for dry skin to help restore optimal moisture levels and leave skin feeling supple, hydrated and healthy. 

Adding oils, such as our Miracle Facial Oil, into a skincare routine can help to nourish dry skin types. Used alone, layered or mixed with different textures, oils add lasting comfort and deeply hydrate the skin.  

Step 1: Double Cleanse

Gentle cleansing products can help to manage dry skin by cleansing pores and removing dead cells without stripping away the skin’s essential oils. 

Try our Thermal Cleansing Balm for the first cleanse. Formulated with Hungarian moor mud and sweet almond oil, the gentle balm cleanses, draws out impurities and removes all make-up (including waterproof mascara) without stripping away moisture, leaving skin feeling soft and looking hydrated. 

For the second cleanse, try our Cashmere Cleanser. Designed for sensitive skin, this hydrating cleansing milk helps to remove impurities without drying out the skin. Anti-inflammatory calendula extract helps to soothe and calm dry skin, while shea butter nourishes and moisturises. 

Omorovicza Omorovicza
Omorovicza Omorovicza

Step 2: Tone To Rebalance The Skin 

Toning is particularly beneficial for dry skin, helping to rebalance and prepare the skin to receive maximum benefit from the moisturising products that follow. The best toner for dry skin should also be hydrating.  

Try our Omoressence toner. In addition to its rebalancing properties, it’s formulated with amino acids and natural emollients that boost the skin’s ability to retain moisture, instantly hydrating and soothing uncomfortable dryness. This toner also contains rhamnose polysaccharide which can help shield from environmental aggressors and reduce inflammation.   

Step 3: Apply A Hydrating Serum 

The skin now needs a moisture boost. A serum for dry skin is an essential next step.

While a moisturiser provides a protective barrier for the skin’s surface to lock in hydration, serums have a thinner consistency that delivers targeted ingredients deep into the skin. When used together, the moisturiser will help seal in the serum’s ingredients and maximise its effectiveness.

Our Rose Lifting Serum helps to smooth and lift, while enhancing skin’s hydration levels, resulting in supple plumpness. In addition to targeting dry skin, ruby crystals flatter the complexion by blurring the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lending skin a healthy, youthful glow.

Instant Perfection Serum 30ml a glass bottle with a pump Instant Perfection Serum 30ml a glass bottle with a pump
Omorovicza Omorovicza

Step 4: Moisturise

The most important step of a skincare routine for dry skin is moisturising.

In the morning, moisturising not only hydrates the skin’s surface but protects the skin’s barrier against the impurities encountered throughout the day. Mix your moisturiser with our Miracle Facial Oil. Its innovative blend of nourishing oils, including sea buckthorn berry, rosehip, and sweet almond, provide powerful antioxidant defence while nourishing through the day, repairing skin’s lipid matrix.

Dry skin moisturisers:
With its velvety texture, the Intensive Hydra Lifting Cream, rich in hyaluronic acid, provides instant comfort and lasting hydration, for silky smooth skin.

A deeply indulgent option, the Gold Rescue Cream, with revitalising peptides and colloidal gold, is your ideal evening cream for fast absorbing nourishment.

At night, a dry skin moisturiser can support cells’ natural renewal process and provide an all-important hydration boost. We recommend using our Miracle Facial Oil alone, it replenishes like a rich cream yet absorbs instantly like a serum. Formulated with bakuchiol, a natural alternative to retinol (Vitamin A), this serum works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by boosting collagen production.

Step 5: Weekly Treatments 

For an added moisture boost, include a weekly mask treatment into your skincare routine for dry skin.

A rich yet refreshing texture, the Gold Hydralifting Mask is both nourishing and soothing. Harnessing the curative power of colloidal gold and hyaluronic acid, it helps to heal microdamage, promote healthy cell renewal and reinvigorate dry skin.

Apply for 10 -15 minutes to achieve instant plumping and soft, soothed skin.

Omorovicza Omorovicza

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A simple skincare routine provides your skin with the nourishment it needs for a glowing, healthy complexion. Follow the steps in this guide to create your own minimalist skincare ritual.

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