When it comes to choosing a face mask, there’s no such thing as over-indulging. As different areas of your skin have different needs (your nose might be oily, your under-eyes dry, and your chin blemish-prone), a one-mask-fits-all approach won’t work. Instead, you should be multi-masking.

What Is Multi-Masking? 

More than just a trend, multi-masking targets specific skin concerns by using different products on different areas of the face, according to what each section needs most. It’s the perfect opportunity to create a bespoke, tailor-made treatment.

How To Multi-Mask 

The beauty of multi-masking is that it doesn’t follow a rigid regimen. Instead, assess each area of your face individually and decide which mask treatment it needs.  

At Omorovicza, we offer a wide range of masks for a variety of skin concerns. Follow our guide below to discover which masks yield which results, and which parts of the face might benefit most from them. 

  • Face Masks To Reduce Pores 

To reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, we’d recommend using a mud mask. It will work to draw out the excess oil, dirt, and debris that has settled into your skin and congested your pores.  

The Deeply Cleansing Mask harnesses the power of transformative Hungarian moor mud and white clay to draw out impurities. Together, these two key ingredients purify and nourish the skin while naturally absorbing pore-clogging oil. Apply to your nose and t-zone, where pores are typically large. 

  • The Best Face Mask For Blemished Skin 

To target blemishes and acne, look for a face mask that has powerful antibacterial properties and is infused with salicylic and glycolic acids.  

The Silver Skin Saviour is the perfect addition to your multi-masking routine. It combines niacinamide with antibacterial colloidal silver to combat blemishes and breakouts, while salicylic and glycolic acids help to unclog pores. Apply it to blemish-prone areas (like your chin, jawline and forehead) to reveal clearer, smoother, and healthier skin. 

  •  Face Masks To Hydrate And Refine 

For intense hydration, we recommend a formula that is rich in hyaluronic acid and other nourishing ingredients.  

The rose-scented Gold Hydralifting Mask provides an instant lift and deep nourishment. Pairing the curative power of colloidal gold with plumping hyaluronic acid, it encourages skin cell renewal and provides long-lasting hydration. Apply onto dry areas (such as cheeks and the under-eye area), to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and firm and smooth the skin.  

  • Overnight Face Masks 

For a brighter and more radiant-looking complexion, we recommend following up your multi-masking routine with an overnight treatment.

The indulgent Midnight Radiance Mask is packed with salicylic acid and sand lily extract to brighten skin as you sleep. It reduces the appearance of dark spots and stubborn discolouration for an even, smooth and radiant complexion. Apply it after cleansing and toning, and leave on while you sleep.

Multi-masking is about developing a tailored routine to suit your skin. Mix and match the masks that work for you and apply them where your skin needs them most.


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