Let us introduce you to our newest launch, The Cure. An intensive nine-day ampoule programme, broken down into three phases, it renews and resets tired, stressed skin. Here’s everything you need to know about Omorovicza’s The Cure.

What Is Omorovicza’s The Cure? 

The Cure comes in three concentrated phases, each containing a potent blend of ingredients. It has been developed to deliver immediate, visible results to your skin. After completing the nine-day programme your complexion will appear rested and luminous, with vitality restored.

We tested a group of 54 women aged 30-60 years old. 90% of women said their skin was visibly more radiant, while 94% said their skin was soothed and 90% said their skin looked healthier.

How To Use Omorovicza’s The Cure 

Enjoy this lavish treatment by gently tapping the top of the ampoule before use. Hold the ampoule tightly with two hands. Cover the top, thin part of the ampoule with a tissue and firmly snap open at the white rim. The ampoule contains 2ml of each phase, which is designed for one nightly use. 

Phase 1: Days 1 – 3 

For the first three days, this treatment will focus on resurfacing and brightening your complexion. The first phase combines powerful glycolic and mandelic acids with proteolytic enzymes to exfoliate and resurface, revealing a smoother, softer and more even complexion.   

After phase 1 your skin will feel much smoother and softer, and will look noticeably brighter and more luminous, with a natural glow. 

Expert Tip: When using Phase 1, apply an SPF during the daytime.  

Phase 2: Days 4 -6 

Phase 2 is about remineralising and reviving your skin. It blends sandalwood, ginseng and caffeine to stimulate microcirculation, reduce inflammation, and eliminates toxins. It will also improve tone and texture

Signs of fatigue will appear reduced and the complexion will look visibly refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Phase 3: Days 7-9 

The final phase of Omorovicza’s The Cure will reconstruct and replenish your complexion. Precious oils are paired with nourishing squalane to repair damage, while barbary fig, kahai nut and chia seed oil work together to strengthen the lipid barrier, and raspberry seed oil restores suppleness and elasticity

You can expect your skin to look visibly more radiant with a renewed glow and feel deeply nourished. Skin is rendered firmer and tighter, with visible signs of ageing reduced.  

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The Cure

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Reviews Of The Cure 

Here’s what our customers have been saying about The Cure … 

“I love how smooth my skin feels” 

“My skin is much smoother, softer, more refined and my pores are minimized” 

“It gives an energy boost and leaves skin firmer” 

“Easy to use and great results” 

“My skin looked refreshed and radiant” 

“My fine lines were reduced which helps make me look younger, I could see this straight away” 

“My skin glowed more and looked healthier” 

“My skin feels amazing, fine lines are reduced and I have an extra glow about me now” 

“I would buy this; I feel like I have a new face!” 

“My skin feels amazing!” 

“Easy application” 

“Phase 3 felt luxurious on my skin” 

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