Spa Treatments

Face Treatments

Discover our array of facial treatments meticulously designed to cater to every individual's needs, with options ranging in duration and intensity.

60 minutes

The Moor Mud Skin Therapy Session 

A balancing, detoxifying treatment that leaves the skin feeling nourished. Experience postbiotic Moor mud, sourced from Hungary’s Lake Héviz, in this unique treatment. Omorovicza Moor mud, rich in vital minerals and fulvic and humic acids, works with the skin’s microbiome to decongest, refine skin’s texture, deeply nourish and hydrate while providing a unique sensory experience on the skin. Especially recommended for oily/combination skin, or those concerned with enlarged pores.


The Hydra Mineral Therapy Session 

The ultimate prescription for dull or lacklustre skin, especially ideal as a post-travel treatment, during the winter or for those concerned with hyper-pigmentation. Instant results come via a copper peel, which reveals a renewed and radiant layer of skin. Vitamin C is paired with calcium-containing The Healing Concentrate™ to maximise its illuminating benefits. Omorovicza's Facial Massage stimulates cell renewal and collagen production and has an instantly lifting and firming effect.


The Hydra Facial Skin Therapy Session

The mineral might of Hungarian healing water, delivered via HydraFacial innovation. This Skin Therapy Session combines two patented technologies: Omorovicza’s Healing Concentrate™, luxury skincare booster, Advanced Skin Renewal, plus our signature Facial Massage are complemented by HydraFacial’s cleanse, extract and hydrate process. Expect deep cleansing and efficient mineral delivery for rejuvenated skin.


The Queen Therapy Session

The ultimate rescue for sensitive, dry or reactive skin. Skin is treated to Omorovicza’s Facial Massage – which stimulates cell renewal, lifts and firms – using Queen Oil which rebuilds and re-plumps the skin. Thanks to calming therapeutic ingredients like calendula, and linseed and borage oils, your skin is soothed, calm, plumped and rested, and covered with an antioxidant shield that repairs the skin’s barrier.


The Express Skin Therapy Session 

An active and energising solutions-focused facial for busy schedules A fast and effective facial, delivering an invigorating variation of our specialist Omorovicza Facial Massage to lift, sculpt and stimulate drainage. Skin is nourished via the clinically proven and patented Healing Concentrate ™, with its regenerating, firming and anti-inflammatory power. An ideal way to discover Omorovicza or for when time is at a premium.


Gold Hydralifting Skin Therapy Session 

This strengthening and hydrating treatment starts with an application of Omorovicza’s Hungarian Moor Mud to cleanse, exfoliate and peel. A rose-scented gold mask then deploys hyaluronic acid in three different forms to plump, nourish and sooth the skin, while the gold repairs micro-damage to strengthen the skin. Traditional Hungarian facial massage lifts and firms. A sprinkling of Gold Shimmer Oil adds a subtle sparkle to arms and décolleté.


Blue Diamond Fitness Skin Therapy Session

This premium anti-ageing, firming and brightening treatment helps to revitalise dull, lacklustre skin. It firms and energises, using gentle enzyme exfoliation. This facial includes a cooling eye treatment and restores skin fitness, essential to the youthful behaviour of skin cells. The traditional Hungarian facial massage will accelerate the oxygenation of the skin to re-energise and lift.

Body Treatments

Explore our diverse range of body treatments, crafted to rejuvenate and relax our customers.


Signature Full Body Massage 

Choose this treatment to relax, firm and tone the body and to reduce stress. This body massage treatment is unlike any other you have experienced. It involves a unique combination of relaxing and deep tissue Omorovicza body massage techniques to relax and ease muscle tension in the whole body and soul. It helps to improve circulation and flexibility as well as stimulating muscles, improving firmness and skin tone.


Moor Scrub Treatment

This aromatherapy purifying and detoxifying treatment starts with a vigorous but effective exfoliation of the whole body, using sea salt, Hungarian moor mud with curative properties and capsicum peptide. This refines the skin texture and leaves it radiant and soft.


Classic Hungarian Mud Wrap

Capturing the essential nature of the mineral-rich Hungarian Moor Mud from Lake Hévíz, this treatment is designed to allow you to experience its curative, healing properties and transformative effects.


Golden Body treatment

This luxury full body scrub incorporates a combination of gold extracts and sugar to heal and revitalize the skin. Finish with the application or the massage with an oil redolent of ylang-ylang and enriched with gold particles.

Add On's

Soothing Eye Treatment

A treatment to revitalise the eye area, an addition to any
facial treatment. A treatment to revitalise the eye area, an addition to any
facial treatment.


Relaxing Mud Treatment for Back and Arms

The best for
relaxing. A relaxing and detoxifying back, shoulder and neck muscles treatment
with a circulation boosting scrub and massage.


Head and Scalp Treatment

A delightful addition, this enchanting add on begins with
acupressure, which releases fatigue, stress and tension from neck and head
whilst at the same time nourishing the hair with vital minerals and oils. A
refreshing menthol and moor mud mask application on the scalp, is followed by a
neck and shoulder massage.


Indulge in a realm of rejuvenation with our exquisite rituals, seamlessly merging body and face treatments for an unparalleled spa experience.


Moor Mud Ritual

The Detoxifying Face and Body Treatment, combining the powers of our Moor Mud Facial and Hungarian Mud wrap. This will leave the Face and Body Transformed.


Golden Ritual 

This luxury Face and Body treatment combining the indulgent Golden body treatment and Gold Hydralifting facial.