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Refresh the Skin With Our Queen of Hungary Mist

Queen Of Hungary Mist

Our Queen of Hungary mist is inspired by the Queen of Hungary Water, the world’s first recorded perfume, specially formulated for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary in the 14th century – but what is the Queen of Hungary Mist exactly? A hydrating mist, a toner, a perfume? 

Read on to discover what the Queen of Hungary Mist does and how the patented Healing Concentrate™ lends skin a firmer, suppler and younger-looking appearance.  

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What Is Queen Of Hungary Mist? 

Our Queen of Hungary Mist is an award-winning, beautifully and delicately scented face mist that delivers numerous benefits to the skin. Multipurpose and ideal for on-the-go, it perfectly complements your daily skincare routine.  

What Does Queen Of Hungary Mist Do? 

The Queen of Hungary Mist is enriched with apple pectin to deliver long-lasting hydration and a nourishing blend of rose, sage and orange blossom purifies and tones the skin. It’s also formulated with our patented Healing Concentrate™, encapsulating the curative power of Budapest thermal watersto promote a firmer and a more youthful-looking visage. 

Is Queen of Hungary Mist A Toner? 

Formulated with our Healing Concentrate™ to purify, hydrate and tone, the Queen of Hungary Mist works both as a midday pick me up and a post-cleanse toner. A quick spritz of this charmingly scented facial mist lifts the spirits, refreshes and hydrates the skin. 

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How To Use Queen Of Hungary Mist 

To apply Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist, simply spritz onto the face whenever the skin needs a refreshing boost or use as a toner to purify and tone after cleansing, preparing for serum and moisturiser application. 

When Do You Use Queen Of Hungary Mist? 

The Queen of Hungary Mist can be used after cleansing to tone and rebalance or throughout the day to refresh and hydrate. This face mist delivers long-lasting benefits, keeping skin feeling cared for and moisturised all day – perfect for when on-the-go. 

Our new Queen of Hungary Evening Mist is an indulgent evening facial mist, that complements a night-time self-care routine. It combines antioxidant-rich cannabidiol with melatonin, magnesium salts and calming lavender extract to prepare the skin for optimal overnight repair and enhance the restorative quality of your sleep. 


What Gives Queen of Hungary Mist Its Scent? 

The apple pectin and a nourishing blend of rose, sage and orange blossom waters give the Queen of Hungary Mist its unique and divine scent. We use natural fragrances, and the formula does not contain alcohol, making it perfect for hot weather. 

We’ve also launched a limited-edition Queen of Hungary Pink Flowers Mist and the ultimate Queen of Hungary Mist Collector’s Edition, which is packaged in 3 beautiful designs. 

To experience the benefits of our award-winning Queen of Hungary mist, buy yours now.

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