While facialists and skincare therapists have long sung the praises of facial toners, these skincare essentials are often overlooked in at-home skincare rituals. To highlight the benefits of toner and emphasise the importance of using one morning and night, we explain what toner is, what it can do for skin, and introduce you to some of the best toners to add to your skincare routine.

What Is Toner & How Does It Benefit the Skin

What Is Toner? 

Toner is the rebalancing element in your skincare routine that restores skin to its natural pH level. Face toner should not be astringent and can in fact be a truly soothing step in your skincare ritual.  

Applied after cleansing, toner acts as a primer for the rest of your routine, preparing skin for the products that follow. It helps serums and moisturisers to better absorb into the skin and work as effectively as possible.

What Does Toner Do? 

Depending on the type of toner being used, they can infuse skin with a multitude of ingredients (including acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories) that target a range of skin concerns. 

Benefits Of Toner 

Depending on your choice of product, the benefits of toner include:  

  • Hydrating skin 
  • Balancing oils 
  • Minimising enlarged pores 
  • Improving skin’s elasticity 
  • Increasing skin cell turnover  
  • Exfoliating the skin’s surface 

When To Use Toner 

Toning should be the second step of both your morning and evening skincare rituals. It primes the skin, preparing it for the next products in your routine. 

How To Use Toner 

Start by cleansing the skin to remove makeup, dirt and impurities. Then, apply toner to a cotton pad and gently glide over the face and neck in an outwards motion. If using a mist toner, spritz all over the skin. Once absorbed, continue with the rest of your skincare routine, applying both a serum and a moisturiser

What Is The Best Toner For You? 

Your skin type will determine which toner is best suited for your areas of concern. 

  • For Dry Skin: Use hydrating formulas that soothe dryness, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. 
  • For Oily and Combination Skin: Look for lightweight formulas that help to improve skin tone, even skin’s texture and minimise unwanted shine. 
  • For Sensitive Skin: Choose a gentle formula that soothes redness and is calming to the skin, reducing the likelihood of irritation. 

The Best Toner 

As with all skincare products, always select a toner that is suited to your skin type and targets your specific areas of concern. Learn more about Omorovicza’s toning solutions to find the best toner for your skincare needs: 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

1. Queen of Hungary Mist

Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin 

Mist toners provide an effective boost of hydration, be that in the morning or mid-way through the day. Designed to refresh the skin and lift the spirits, the award-winning Queen of Hungary Mist is formulated with apple pectin to support hydrated, supple skin, as well as orange blossom, rose and sage distillates to purify and tone. 

With an iconic scent inspired by the first perfume created in the 14th Century for Queen Elizabeth of Hungary, this hydrating toner is especially suited to sensitive skin and can be applied after cleansing or as a midday pick-me-up. 

Omorovicza Omorovicza

2. Silver Skin Tonic

Suitable for oily, combination and normal skin  

The perfect toner for blemish-prone skin, the Silver Skin Tonic uses a potent blend of colloidal silver, niacinamide and salicylic acid to clarify, smooth and mattify the skin. Penetrating below the skin’s surface, salicylic acid unclogs pores and dissolves debris that lead to breakouts, while niacinamide helps to control sebum production. Known for its anti-bacterial properties, colloidal silver targets imperfections, making it the perfect topical treatment for blemish-prone skin.  

Apply to the skin daily after cleansing and use alongside other Silver Skin products for optimal results.  

Omorovicza Omorovicza

3. Omoressence

Suitable for Oily, combination, normal, and dry skin types 

Especially suited to dry skin, the Omoressence hydrating toner is formulated with silicium to promote collagen production for youthful plumpness. Amino acids and natural emollients work to restore the skin’s pH balance and improve moisture retention, while also providing protection from environmental aggressors.  

Apply a few drops to the hands or a cotton pad, then pat into the face and neck after cleansing.  

4. Acid Solution

Suitable for oily, combination and normal skin 

Combining a potent blend of acids, Acid Solution is an innovative toner that clarifies, refines and brightens dull complexions. Caviar lime, a natural AHA, helps to reduce pigmentation and even tone, while glycolic and lactic acids work to gently exfoliate and promote skin renewal, revealing a younger looking complexion. Acid Solution is also formulated with salicylic acid, a BHA that clarifies the skin, unclogging pores and preventing imperfections. 

Apply a few drops to either the hands or a cotton pad, then gently pat over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave to absorb into the skin and follow with a serum and moisturiser. When using acid products, it’s important to always apply SPF. 

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